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A properly designed irrigation system will save money on water bills and conserve water.

As a Texas Licensed Irrigator (LI #5887), Paradise Landscapes complies with the governing rules and regulations of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ). Unfortunately, this is not always common practice resulting in poor irrigation performance, waste of water, and high-water bills. Not all irrigation systems are created equal! Many times, the allure of a cheap price and quick installation provides a system that costs much more to operate due to its high-water usage. The short gain in price will soon be diminished by additional water usage and cost. Sadly, this will remain for the life of the system and could have been avoided with a discussion of a proper design and a water budget. As a landscape irrigator, we are committed to designing water-efficient irrigation systems. To better serve our clientele, we continue to take additional irrigation courses to further my education. Which enables us to design with many water-saving technologies including low precipitation rotary nozzles, matched precipitation rate nozzles, dripline and point-source drip emitters, controllers featuring Et watering, wi-fi capable, and cycle and soak. The combination of these means efficient watering which can reduce the water usage by 30% or more when compared to traditional methods.

Proper Design for a Water-efficient and Cost-effective Irrigation System:

In order to design a water-efficient and cost-effective irrigation system, I will include the following on all irrigation plans:
  •  Site Analysis – We start with your input, water meter size, and water pressure, soil type, plant material to be irrigated, elevation changes, microclimatic factors (sun/shade ratio), necessary measurements to create a base plan.
  •  Scaled Drawing – The sprinkler layout is the head-to-head spacing equal to manufacturer published radius of the head. The heads will be designed with matched precipitation rates for all heads within that zone apply water at the same rate.
  •  Sprinkler Head Layout – Composed of 3/8 inch or smaller granite aggregates; usually a reddish-tan color creating a natural and rustic appearance, often used as Xeriscape groundcover. Excellent permeable paving material for walkways, patios, and driveways.
  •  Drip Irrigation – Paradise Landscapes will design the drip irrigation step with proper spacing and application rates. Included will be pressure regulation and filtration.
  •  Efficient Zone Layout – Here’s a large key to step to irrigation, the efficient zone layout. We separate zones for plants with different water requirements, microclimatic factors, and topography.
  •  Progressive Pipe Sizing – The irrigation pipe will be properly sized and not exceed the 5 L.P.S rule. You will see an increase system performance and extend system life..
  •  Hydraulic Statement - The hydraulic statement is a mathematical computation of determining pressure losses and pressure requirements of an irrigation system. The statement will prove whether irrigation system will operate correctly. These are few extra steps Paradise Landscapes takes into consideration like the sprinkler heads and drip irrigation must be installed to operate at the minimum and not above the maximum pressure as published by the manufacturer. Any pressure above the maximum will be regulated.
  •  Calculation of an Evapotranspiration (Et) Water Schedule – We provide the most efficient method of irrigation scheduling because it is determined via actual landscape needs versus a calendar and a clock.

Paradise Landscapes wants to earn your business. Our irrigation systems are microclimate systems which are customized to your surroudings. If you are bid shopping, please compare systems and steps as we want you to be satisfied. Contact Bryan for details.

Paradise Landscapes has been creating masterpiece landscaping since 1997. We want to be your go-to company for your future needs. If the future includes an add-on to your existing space or starting from scratch at your new home.

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