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Adding a water feature from Paradise Landscapes can magnify the overall beauty of a landscape design. Popular water features include fountains, ponds, waterfalls, and streams. The soothing sound of water offers a serene atmosphere for relaxation. Water adds texture, movement, and attracts wildlife to your landscaping. Birds, butterflies, dragonflies, frogs and other small animals will become frequent visitors. Water features can create magnificent visual effects when used as focal points. A properly designed and installed water feature brings much enjoyment and beauty. It also increases property value.

The Installation of a Bubbling Fountain Water Feature In-Progress Installation of Bubbling Fountain In-Progress Installation of Bubbling Fountain In-Progress Installation of Bubbling Fountain

What to consider when choosing a Water Feature:

  • Cost
  • Required maintenance
  • The availability of a nearby electrical outlet

Additionally, accessories should be taken into account, such as LED lighting that provides a spectacular nighttime display.


Popular Water Features:

  •  Bubbling Fountain – Paradise Landscapes serving the New Braunfels, and nearby are installs low maintenance water features that will require the use of a vase, urn, or stone to create a bubbling fountain. Fountain installation includes digging a hole to install a basin, which contains both the water and the pump. The basin will also provide a sturdy foundation in which to place the fountain piece. After the basin is level and pump is set, plumbing will be installed. The pump will re-circulate the water into the basin to create the bubbling fountain. Lastly, the top of the basin is covered with river rock, and the basin is filled with water. Activate the pump and enjoy!
  •  Pond-less Water Features (Waterfalls and Streams) – have the advantage of the pleasant sound and beauty of a waterfall and stream without the pond maintenance. If safety issues are a concern, this is a great option, since there is no pool of water (pond). This water feature operates similar to a fountain and is considered low maintenance. Installation includes digging an area to install a basin, a pump canyon with a pump and basin matrix. A waterfall spillway and rubber liner will create the waterfall and stream. Once these items are in place, the water feature plumbing can be installed. Stonework for the waterfall and stream will complete the job. Contact Paradise Landscapes
  •  Garden Pond – Generally, a water garden will be the most-costly water feature and will require additional maintenance. Often this is also the most rewarding option with the additional benefits and enjoyment of fish and aquatic plants. The installation will include excavation of the area and fitting the pond with the proper equipment. Pond components may include rubber liner, waterfall spillway, filtration, skimmer, pump, and plumbing. Stonework will complete the pond for a natural appearance.
Water Pop purchased for bubbling fountain and irrigation of plants. Ideas from Paradise Landscapes.